Event Center | Options?

I made this Event Center for my group is there anything I can fix or Add?




Event Part

Anything I can fix up?

If you want to play the game you can here!

Personally I feel I have seen those seats in the toolbox (Not saying you used them from the toolbox) but you could possibly use sofa’s instead.

You could probably include some lighting on the inside to make it more vibrant?

Looks a-bit plain? Maybe you could add some trees, they can easily be meshed in blender even if it looks like this

Roblox textures aren’t the best for flooring, or if you want the game to appeal to others. I recommend looking for some texture packs on the toolbox as they do tend to have some good textures.

The stands for the important people on the stage? They are way to big, I recommend using a 0.1 stud to make them the perfect size, and using 0.1 for all of your work if you want to get the best results.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I did get the Chairs from the toolbox, I fixed up a few things with them. But I’ll make my own sofas. I’ll also add some trees.

Thanks for the feedback, @B00PUP

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I got to agree on what @Deleted_User12 has to say.

At the cookie tech event centre we have something like that too:

Also maybe try adding some roof decoration and lighting.

How did you place the Trees? Did you use a Plugin or what?

Yeh, I used the brush tool plugin.

I’d you need help finding it tell me - you should be very careful with which plugins you download as it could have malicious content coded into it