Events platform [Full release]


Roblox has announced:

Hey Developers,

We are excited to launch the Events Platform to our global developer community!

We know it’s been frustrating to not be able to promote your own events, and we’ve been hard at work on the Events Platform to make events as valuable and accessible as possible.

This feature is currently in experimentation, and will be rolling out to a portion of users on certain device types. Stay tuned for more details on full rollout!

What can the Events platform do?

Roblox has stated the events platform is a tool that allows developers to create schedule time based events within your experiences. Roblox is rolling these features out to users gradually, but everyone will be able to see and interact with events in the coming weeks.



Creating an event generates an Event Details Page that displays a title, description, and media about the event, as well as a countdown to when the event will start. This is similar to the Experience Detail Page. The page can be easily shared as a link.

When the event begins, users can click the “Join Event” button to join your experience.


Personally I can’t wait to see this feature come out, there is so much potential that comes from this and it looks so cool, please share down below on what you think of this update and how it will affect you in the future.

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This is an outstanding move from Roblox! :star2:

Allowing developers to finally create events and invite millions around the world through the Roblox site is much more effective and efficient than using a third-party such as Discord to create and advertise events.

This can have a significant impact (in a positive way) to in-development games or upcoming games. For me, this will mean a lot for spreading the word about some of my work-in-progress games such as Northdrift County.

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