Explore Air | Hiring a wide range of developers [EN]

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Salutations! We are Explore Airlines. A small startup on roblox established May 21st, 2022. We do not have a high member count, but we’re working on that. Inspired by many real-life airlines, such as, Air Transat, Air Canada, Westjet and flyCanada (fictional).

As the title states, we are hiring a wide range of developers, such as:


The “Builder” will be tasked with creating our airports, such as these:
Reference photo 1
Reference photo 2
Reference photo 3

We will create three or four airports, then copy and paste them into each game as “Destinations”


The “Modeler” will be tasked with 3D modeling seats, oxygen masks, planes, etc. Such as these:
Air Canada Signature Cabin
Airline Seats

For the more complicated task, the planes, these will be Boeing or Airbus. Such as these:
787 Dreamliner
Airbus 8380

If you are unable to model everything requested, we can work out something! :smiley:


The “Scripter” will be tasked with scripting the airplanes, airport, etc. Such as this:

We are willing to use a free airplane system, if you desire.
Not all planes must have an IFE, however we do want one.

Livery Designer

The “Livery Designer” will create liveries for our aircrafts, such as the following:
Air Canada
Air France

You will design around 2 liveries.


Each applicant will be reviewed, by past work, time in selected area, relations towards ro-aviation.
Then, the applicant will be offered percentage or direct payment. Percentage will continue for life.


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Hey! I am up to this job.
Is it still open?


I own the Onpoint IFE, I got it a while ago. I could use it here!

Sounds great! Please DM me :smiley:

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