Falco Admin | BETA

Hey! I am releasing my new product, Falco Admin Its basically the best you will ever need!

But sven, what are the features?

I’m glad you asked! We have the ability to become an admin panel in our settings, by default it is commands though.

How much is it?

Who said I would but a price? Its free!

This seems sketchy; why is it free?

To help support small groups with their projects.

Wait, can I be a developer here?

Yes! Just have a talk to me on cookie tech.

Thanks for reading, we are not released to the public just yet!


The name is a bit close to Basic Admin don’t you think?


And how are you in beta when you haven’t hired anyone?


This sounds like a copy of Basic Admin Essentials(from the name), and besides, what features make you different from other companies with commands & an admin panel?

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This sounds like an exact copy of Basic Admin, like exactly. The features sound like anything we could get already, so why should we choose yours…?

In addition to the very frequent releases, your companies have been seeming often like copies of other free tools, I think you could’ve seen great success with your ranking service…

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I mean could be a bit more original on the name
Essentials admin basically basic admin. I would try to think of a new name. :slight_smile:

Look man, I don’t want to be rude In anyway but a lot of the stuff your making is just a idea from someone else or a spin off of its name, first it was boards like trello, then it was ranking services like cookies, easyrank, etc and now it’s this admin that is a spin off of BAE, you should come up with a new idea, you have the talent for it if you can make this stuff.


I agree, @Jessica you have great potential to make a great company as opposed to making spin off ones.

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Essentials Admin is a temporary name once I think of one.

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In the real world that will never suffice, that’s like me creating a search engine called boogle and then a few months later calling it something out, that would lead to a cease and decease.


Rebranding to Falco Admin

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