Favorite Coding Language

Greetings, Cookie Tech Community!

Recently, I’ve been debating getting into web development a bit more, and was recently wondering: what’s your favorite language to code in?

I’d love to hear your opinions on this in the replies.

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I’m not much the coder, I don’t have a favourite one, but I like to use Lua and intend to get into JS and Python.

LUA and Discord.js! (20 chars:

I would recommend Python, it’s overall quite easy to learn and use.

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Luau & JavaScript (discord bot)
I am thinking of learning Python and HTML (website making) too.

I think discord.js is a JavaScript library

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Ah, apologies, I don’t use other languages much.

Python, Luau, I also do some js sometimes, but it’s not my style of coding.

No, I don’t think I spelt it wrong, lua & luau are different.

In a nutshell, luau is roblox’s optimized edit of lua . It’s become the default vm for all games last year so you don’t have to do anything to enable it or anything like that. However there’s also the new type checker which is also referred to as luau.

HTML, CSS AND LUA. I like those.

That is so interesting. I can useJacaScript, Phython and Ruby for web development :open_mouth: