Favorite scripting youtuber?


Many Roblox youtubers cover topics of coding. People like TheDevKing or RoSceipter. But who’s your favorite?

I’d love to hear your opinion!

Roscripter of course.

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and cookie took that personally

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My favourite is cookie :slight_smile:


Top favourite roblox scripters:

1: (OBVIOUSLY)Cookie. His tutorials are so easy to follow along and he’s probably one of the reasons I got into coding.

2: RoScripter. bro this guy was a literal beast when I first started coding. main reason i actually got skill

3: AlvinBlox. Once again, taught me so much like the rest of them.


Though if I had to rank:

  1. CookieTech

  2. RoScriper

  3. TwinPlayz

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Those are my favorite scripting youtubers LOL.

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  1. HowToRoblox
  2. Cookie
  3. Idk