Feedback on Game page GFXs

I’ve made this for my game, Please don’t Steal it!

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I’m always very honest with my ratings and that’s how people learn, your posing is a bit robotic - E.g: The person in the top picture has a rock-straight arm it’s also very bright & due to the resolution loss from this being made in studio it doesn’t look great - I would reccommend trying to make it in blender and smoothing out the natural body positions.

The 2nd one doesn’t look too bad it’s just a bit bright!

PS: I put a watermark on your images to relieve your concern!


I agree.
Bit too bright, and robotic.

Also, I would suggest using Blender, in my opinion Roblox studio made GfX’s seem “messy” or weirdly rendered.

For example, here’s a GFX I made in blender (I don’t really care if you use this)

But otherwise, I think the second one is a bit bright, and like @Noah mentioned, the poses are “robotic”

Hopes this helps,

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Now THAT is a good GFX. How much to buy one?

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You can contact me in PM’s if your interested, but if you want to use that one, feel free to use it for free, I don’t mind.

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