Feedback on GUI

Please give opinion about the GUI that I just made. Still far from finished, but would like to know your opinion.

I can’t seem to think if this is Roblox or the charged access to the forums.

That’s really cool but it literally seems like forums lol! Really cool

Looks interesting, are you planning on scripting it?

@Deleted_User12 @FriX_0z
I see the Roblox icon in the corner.

I know, that’s why I said it looks really similar. It’s an amazing job.

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It looks really cool! However, I would use UIStrokes instead of the BorderSizePixel option.

Is UIStrokes but some parts i make the thicknesslike 0.6, 0.7

Yes i’m planning to make it like a forum but in game


Good luck, however make sure your game is super secure, you need to be very careful that everything is protected from hackers, a system that’s unprotected could be ruined in a matter of seconds, make sure you use filtering enabled and make sure your methods are up to date and safe.