Feedback on my GFX

Please give your honest feedback and ways for me to improve!


The first one is impressive.
However, the Nando’s one doesn’t tie into the style they have for their game, it could be better if the background was actually the map of Nando’s.

I like them both, the first one is more basic and the nados one is better in my pov, but I feel like nados wants a realistic place and not so joyful in my pov, somaybe change the face but thats just me.

I know you, From High Jump Park haha! They are both good. 8/10.

Really clean, I like both of them, The font on the “Nando’s chicken” isn’t my favourite and I think it needs some touching up, but very well done, good work!

I love your GFXs! Especially the first one. The Nando’s one could do with updating soon though because V3 is being made.

That is the front of Nando’s Roblox V2.

I know, but the map as an OBJ file to import into Blender.

I don’t really do OBJ backgrounds as my PC can’t deal with it.

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