Game Idea Contest

Hello everyone!

Cookie Tech is going to start creating games. This is why we are hosting a competition!:medal_sports:


  • We need an in-depth description of your game idea. (Try to supply a drawing)
  • Must be in the Cookie Tech group.
  • Game must be appropriate for under 13’s.
  • Game must be original and creative.
  • Game must pass all ROBLOX Terms and Conditions.
  • Game must be possible to create.
  • Must be in our discord server.

discord server.


  • :1st_place_medal: R$ 1000, Special Role In Discord

  • :2nd_place_medal: R$ 200, Special Role In Discord

  • :3rd_place_medal: R$ 100

:warning: You don’t need roblox studio.

:warning: We will need 20+ applicants in order for the Competition to go ahead.


  • How long do I have to apply?
    Time left to apply is as followed: 2021-05-23T23:00:00Z2021-05-30T23:00:00Z

  • How do I submit?
    Reply to this post down below, give us as much detail about your game as possible, people with little information will not win.

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this is the story of a boy named Whatley… the current year is 2010
he was a single child with a single but loving mother
he’s dad died in the war as a soldier
since he’s dead he’s dad’s weapons hunged on the wall of Whatley’s room, over time…he felt sorry for he’s dad… he was determined…to end he’s dads work with the same guns uniform… EVERYTHING, then in 2030 he got that chance…to end qhar he’s dad started…


A natural disaster survival game in which you have to survive massive storms that occur in each round and depending whether you live or die, you earn coins that can be used to unlock more maps or equip live-saving items! The following disasters can be added:

  • Cookie Storm! ---- A storm in which cookies will start smashing structures in a map, cookie tornadoes spawn, and will kill you if they collide with player. This storm is rare, and it has a 2/10 chance of being picked!)

  • Epic Tornado Storm! ---- Randomly picks a tornado between F1 - F5 and occasionally makes the map foggy-like to make it more misty and spooky.

  • Floodstorm ---- Spawns a giant (or small) flood that will wipe out any players that are too close to the ground.

  • Any other creative storm that’s different from other games!

The following gamepasses or shop items can be added:

  • Cookie Saver ---- A gamepass that will give you ultimate protection from a Cookie Storm … one time use and the most expensive gamepass!

  • High Jumper! ---- A shop item that gives you a spring which can be used to jump high for a few seconds … 3 time use, then you can get it again by using earned coins!

How the map should look and act like?
The map should be big and realistic looking … maybe a housing area beside the epic city with NPCs walking around on the streets! Trees can be blown-off by any disaster, NPCs will be injured and will automatically revive when storm is over, and building can fall and collapse on players or other enities!

UI Design
Fancy UI design with animations, and screen will constantly shake around slightly as if something made the ground shake around

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@OH20_rbLX isnt that like Natural Disaster Survival only with cookies? Natural Disaster Survival - Roblox

And also the game has more maps/disasters. Also The game^ has all of those except they’re not cookies :confused:

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Try to be a bit more original! :watermelon:

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We have only had 3 people enter! In order for the contest to go ahead we need 17 more people to post there game ideas here.


damn, 17 :ship: ill try and post my entry later today, just busy with school


No, it has more than cookie storms … such as the NPCs, revival system or tree animations.


yea but the stuff u put in ur entry isnt rlly original tho, try and be more original