Go-Karting Track | Feedback

Hello there, Cookie Tech!
So, I was working on a Go-Karting game and wanted your opinion on the track I created. It may appear a little plain at the moment, but I though I’d come here to seek some feedback on how to improve it!

Alright, a few things:

  • These corners are way too sharp.
    Make them rounded.

  • These look strange.

  • Add grass.

  • Make the track a darker black.

  • Make it a red white red white, for the beginning (or black white black white).

Like this:

But yeh, that would be nice, it seems like an interesting idea!

I agree with this. Perhaps make them smaller to make it look like more of a rounded corner and less of a protection corner.

I also agree with this; perhaps make all the corners rounded.

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There are two ways to doing this:
I can use the Archimedes plugin on some corners, snd then use cylinders on others.

Try using Archimedes and then try making it into a union or you can actually use blender for this.

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Hey there. Nice concept but the design is a bit basic. What did you plan on using this for?

I intent to either sell the map, or probably use it as a future game.

Archimedes plugin uses a lot of parts, so just in case your game becomes very laggy you can check out this guide by Roblox on how to improve game performance:

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Optimized groups of meshes can also work.

Unions are actually worse than meshes, Roblox needs to add up union faces, and it takes longer than meshes. (From my knowlage.)

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Depends, they don’t make things worse or better, they’re better for organising - Although they can sometimes hinder performance.

One of the better methods would be to use blender

It would be cool if you had a game for example a fighting game or an obby and you could have little minigames like this in the lobby

Yeh, like during intermissions or if you loose mid-way through the game and have to wait for a new round, it’s a good way to keep your player attention span high.

That’s a good ideas, I might actually do that!

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So I haven’t worked on this project in a while, but I am hoping that over the next upcoming weeks, I can start to continue this map with all the ideas you have left me!

Make some bridges and to go up and down, that would be really cool

I don’t really want that, I just want it on a flat surface so the Go-Karts don’t stop going up the hill.