Grand Forest Resort - Hiring MRs & HRs [Status - OPEN]

Hi! Welcome to the “Grand Forest Resort”!

It is a great place to relax, find new friends and have fun!
Also it is a great place for work!
We hope you will enjoy! :smiley:

While game is still in development we already are hiring MRs and HRs!

How to apply for rank?

There are few steps:

Step 1 - Join our Roblox group here.

Step 2 - Join our official Discord server here.

Step 3 - Go to announcements and fill out the Google form!

Results will be posted in server, 10 days later (18.07.2022.) If needed, result day may be later than this date
Good Luck!

Game screenshots:

I’d say you might be a bit early to hire MR’s/HR’s, as you won’t really need them until the game releases.

Well I mean it’s good to prepare for when the game is out with loads of staff.

I agree with @peter its very early, try to start hiring devs, and then when your almost done make mrs apps open.

Thanks guys for your opinions, I really appreciate it!
The main game is almost ready for release, few more things needed to be added. Just TC needs to be finished.

Oh, okay!

I’d still suggest releasing the game first however, but it’s your business! :heart:

Best of luck!

Hey there!

Are there any images or screenshots of your progress? If not I would highly suggest posting a few photos of how your resort is doing, since it would increase the chances of more people being interested to apply.

Hi! Thanks for suggesting that👍! I will add pictures tomorrow.

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Images of the game are posted now :wink:!

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Thanks! Your progress doesn’t look to bad, I might consider.

Thanks! Of course there will be added more decor as soon as all main stuff will be completed!

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