GUI ImageLabels don't work?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, when I was making some UI, I realized that sometimes ImageLabels themselves would not work.

For example, if I uploaded an image (it was not moderated), set the BackgroundTransparancy to 0, then I would only see the background, not the image itself. Some ImageLabels don’t have this issue occuring.

I checked everything, and even made sure the Zindex is right, etc. Could this be a Roblox Studio bug?

This could most likely be a roblox studio bug.
What I suggest doing is testing in the main game itself, and see if the error occurs again.

If this doesn’t work, I suggest uploading the decal again and see if that fixes it.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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This shouldn’t be a bug, could you send us an example, in addition to that when you uploaded your image what file extension did you use? (E.G PNG, JPEG)