GUI shows again when you respawn!


I have a menu that shows when players join the game

The menu can still be accessed when the player is in the game

The problem is that if the player resets while playing the game, the menu shows up and can’t be closed. I have tried disabling the ResetOnSpawn option but it still shows up when players reset. If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated!

Is this gui handled by a script?

The only scripts in the GUI are for the buttons, which open the other sections of the menu.

Try in your script “disabling” the UI once you’re done tweening the UI.

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Ok, I tried this but I’m still getting the GUI re-enabling when I reset.

Do you have an issue with serverscriptservice and localscript colliding with eachover?

I fixed it by just making it enable when the user joined, rather than just keeping it enabled if that makes sense lol.

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