Having trouble with teams

I can’t manage to make a seat that when a player sits on it they are placed in a certain team. Thanks a lot!

What? We dont make scripts for you.

I can’t find any…;…….

you don’t always have to spoonfeed code. straight-up not helping is honestly an utter waste of time. what i would’ve done and what i WILL do is give him/her/them the code logic, how he/she/they should approach it, the appropriate resources, and open ears for him/her/them to ask me any questions or doubts. there are better ways to approach things.

that’s also pretty rude.



getting your scene ready and set-up

firstly, you want to make sure you have your teams made! to do this, navigate to the Explorer, then scroll to the Teams folder, and insert a new Team object to create a team. u can adjust the properties and keep creating more teams by inserting more Team objects and adjusting their properties!! please keep in mind that if you want it to only be assigned via sitting in the seat, you need to set the team object’s AutoAssignable property off.
secondly, you want to have your seat made; to do this, insert a Seat object into the desired folder (e.g. Workspace) and adjust the properties.

let’s get coding

so, to do this, if you haven’t gotten to the barebones of scripting, i’d recommend you read this tutorial just so you get an understanding: Guide on the basics of scripting - Community Tutorials - Developer Forum | Roblox
let me know if you want more resources, there are surely plentiful on the internet as well if you want to do a quick-search.
you want to start by inserting a Script object as a child of the seat. you can now refer to the seat as script.Parent! you can also insert it wherever preferable and adjust the path accordingly.
then examine the goal; a script that should get the seat’s occupant and accordingly adjust their team. so let’s break it down further script-wise

ok so let’s make the path to your team! yay!
you wanna start by defining a variable that you can name of your choice. to define a variable if you completely ignored that resource i gave, use local [variableName] = [path]. name it whatever you want but you need to remember to reference that name later on. for the path, you want to use game:GetService("Teams").[teamName]. why use GetService()? why not directly reference game.Teams? im a lazy bum and this guy (@ducksandwifi) explained it well so read this:

ok so make sure this is at the top of your code.
this is what im going to make my line:

local targetTeam = game:GetService("Teams").OrangeTeam

(if ur new and mindless [jk] and confused why there’s a literal blurred rectangle with maybe text? in it, you just click on it)

now if ur team has a space in it and you cant directly reference the name, then just index it using []—square brackets:

local targetTeam = game:GetService("Teams")["OrangeTeam"]

you want to make a function that listens and connects whenever the seat’s Occupant is changed. you could try whatever i have said with smth like this:

local seat = script.Parent

    -- do ur stuff here that ill explain lol

ogmgomggomgogmgomg you wrote a function11!!11! yay

alrighty now you want to make a conditional statement (an if [condition] then statement that detects if a condition is being performed, and if so, it will trigger an action—like a ligand binding to a receptor to trigger signal transduction—or more simplified as traffic signals; if the light is green, you go, else if it’s red, you don’t :nerd_face::point_up:) that will see if there is an occupant or not. this’d look like:

if seat.Occupant then
    -- do thingy 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

you want this to be under the function and it should all be indented. now ion wanna put this all together for you because i do agree with @Aspect on the “spoon-feeding” code part; i do not want you to scroll down to the bottom and just take the whole entire code, copy paste it. but i also dont wanna leave you helpless, so you want this whole codeblock above to be all indented once more under the function just for clarity; ig itll still work without indenting but it’s always good practice to indent? lol
anyways, now seat.Occupant returns the Character, not the player; if ur clueless like i used to be (or maybe still am), Character is basically the model of the user in Workspace while player is the object of the player in Players, so Character will hold thingies like the tools equipped, LocalScripts and ServerScripts (if you put any) from StarterCharacterScripts, etc blah blah while player will hold stuff like backpack/inventory with unequipped tools, leaderstats, and stuff in StarterPlayerScripts will go in the PlayerScripts container.
now, the problem is that we are going to assign the team via the player. so to fix this, all we do is that we define a variable called plr or whatever the heck you want to name it, and we make it equal to the Character except we add a :GetPlayerFromCharacter() on it. to yall incompetent (joking, i PROMISE) people, if you didn’t realize from the name already, it simply gets the player from the character
so it’d js look smth like this:

local plr = seat.Occupant:GetPlayerFromCharacter()

now if you’re not a lazy rat like me, you can make seat.Occupant a separate variable elsewhere and refer to that instead of reusing seat.Occupant over and over.
anyways, now that u have the player, all you need to do is set the player’s team to the desired team! to do this, you change the Team property of plr (or wtv the hell you named it) to the variable you defined at the very top (in my case, targetTeam) i believe
so assuming you named it plr it’ll be like this:

plr.Team = targetTeam

u want to make the past 2 lines of code i listed here indented once more under the conditional statement.
alright gg i think you did it. Yay!

i’m pretty sure there is an easier way to do this but i unfortunately am not the smartest scripter in existence so get advice from others if you wish

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if you have any questions then lmk and ill try to help, feel free (when i say feel free i mean i WANT YOU TO RIGHT NOW :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: jk again) to mark this post as the Solution if it was the damn solution

and don’t if you’re annoyed by me (i can’t blame you for that LOL)

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Thanks a million!!!

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