Here is how to setup a voting system

Hello here’s a tutorial on how to setup BedstemorLau/Jonslau’s Button Voting System.

Before we begin please note that it is made for UN/EU groups yet can also be used by groups that function like companies for board meetings.

So you start by getting the model into your game:

The rest is simple you put the buttons on a table and the screen on a wall. it is that easy.

You can alter anything you want about the setup if you want yet that is not what this is about.

If you want a tutorial on how to alter it just dm me and I will tell you about how you can do it.

This model was made by me and BedstemorLau for my up-and-coming UN group yet is left for anyone to use freely.

I highly suggest you keep the screen and voting buttons in the same model and don’t leave them both in workspace


Nice tutorial.

However it seems to be a bit buggy?

The overall system works but when I am loading in it always creates a clone of its self, you should probably consider fixing this:





This problem did not happen during testing I have tried checking it and did not get the same issue