Heroku is working weird

Ok, so when I created my 5th app, heroku said I had to verify my credit card… any ideas?

Why have you made 5 apps?

I’m guessing they charge money for creating 5+ apps … ?

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i have helped many groups. xd.

and made 5 bots for groups.

Depends, they wont charge, card verification because someone may be doing ilgeal things with 5+ apps.

oof… i wish they didnt have tha

Eek, Well. This tutorial is intended for one group, if you want to start making a service you need to learn how to script.

im pretty good at it, but i need help.

Also read the license too please. (Just for safety)

As in, you must learn some python.

I did. :smiley: Well, I kind of want to make a service, and I kind of want help.


So I presume you have already made the base of your main system and your ready to make a pull request to the main branch if you have used the assets of my repository! >:D

Ive already created the repostory

we could possibly make something like easyranks

Great, if you need help making a service you can always use #scripting-support:alternate-language

This is the service I have made: Cookies Ranking Services [CHEAP] - Collaboration / Portfolio - Cookie Tech (thecookie.dev).

oof, it costs robux…

Mhm, my goal is to sell ranking services, that are made for mass production.

It runs on a lambda on AWS.

didnt you say u can get one for free if you are active?