Hiren a scripter that can script this

I’m hiring someone that can script me a bakery GUI that you choose what batter the customer wants it is kind of like Pastries cafe where you walk to the frigerated with a Tray in the GUI pops
here is a picture on what it looks like
Screenshot 2022-01-22 204149

payment 100 Robux

So you want it where it just make a UI come up when your holding a certain item & are in a certain proximity of a block?

I want it where you touch the fridge then the GUI pop up then you choose what you want in it add to the tray then after that you put it in the oven in it cookies in it turn in to the cook version of the batter

So, from what I understand here, you basically want two things to happen:

  • When you press the fridge, a UI pops up and there are images of the batter types.
  • After the batter is baked, the images of the batter change to look like they are cooked.

Yes sir that what i want

I could code that quite easily, but I’m sure other people will be able to do a job for you, like maybe @Joshua or @OH20_rbLX are up for the job, if they are busy, I’m always open though.

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Also, quick question, do you have the UI and images ready?

here is what I want the GUI to do on the video a Gui example to send to the developer - YouTube

COUNT ME IN PLZ I MAKE (I love to script DONT judge me lol)

I make it for free cuz I feel like it