Hiring a cafe builder

I need a builder that can build a nice cafe payment 400 Robux

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Realistic or low-poly? Because I’m only good at realistic buildings at the moment.

Also I’ll change the topic name to “Hiring a cafe builder” rather than “Hired a builder.”

I could perhaps be interested.
Feel free to DM me on Discord, or on these forums, my Discord user is cam.#0771. We can discuss payment and other important topics there.

I need more detail of this cafe before I can make my decision-

Can you send examples?

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here a example on how i want it to look th

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so… realistic? @OH20_rbLX does realistic stuff like that i think

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Interesting cafe design … maybe I can help with the 3D text (with a different font) and enterance stairs for now. I need more time to analyize the interior.

I definitely could do something line that.
If you were interested, my Discord is above and we can discuss!

Contact me on the Cookie Forums privately or on Discord if you want to hire me to do these things. I may be able to create a similar cafe if I manage to get the full layout.

Discord username: OH20_rbLX#2124

Popular post my friend.

I can do it if you want

I’m pretty certain the author of the topic is now longer active.