[Hiring] Game Testers for Northdrift

Hey everyone!

I’m currently hiring game testers (also known as stress testers) to find bugs and report them for my roleplay game, Northdrift County.

You won’t be payed for this job, sorry :cry:

However, if I get Robux later on, there’s a chance I may pay you if you are still a game tester.

Information & Contact
Server link is in this post. Contact OH20_rbLX#2124 if you want to apply.

(p.s. if you want to work for us yet you want to be payed I suggest you wait.)

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I would do it but I get annoyed sometimes-


Sorry, I don’t really get what you mean … what could be annoying?


I do not know if I can pay now due to new ToS … is it allowed to pay game testers?

EDIT: You can reply here or message me on the Cookie Forums privately, no need to join the server until you apply.

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Hey so I know this post was made a while ago but I’m curious as to weather youre still working on the game or not

Yea, I’m still working on the game at least a few times a week. I may work on it more frequently during the March Break.