Hotel For A Client | Opinions

Good day, Cookie Tech!
So here we are today. I’m coming to you for feedback on a hotel I’m working on for a customer; keep in mind that this is very early in the development process, so things may still be a mess and things won’t be textured.

I hope you enjoy it, and I’m excited to hear what you have to say about it!


It’s a little bit old-looking, try making it more modern-looking!

Whole point, I’m aiming for something that’s unique for a hotel game.

Quite good so far! Maybe you could add some ‘bars’ on the windows.

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I feel that it looks a bit too much like Work at a Hotel 2.
Maybe change the Brick to make it look less like it.

I was aiming for a design like that as that’s the only hotel with a style like it, I can assure everything else will look different, the lobby just looks good and I wanted something like that.

Ah yes, I don’t think I will be making the windows even from the width they are away from each other. I will be hoping this all lines up by the end and I hope the client likes the final build!


In addition to that do you plan on adding more scenery in general?

Make sure your roof is decorated, you have lights, nature (indoor plants really help) & other things that will help out.


I have thought about all the times you have given advice in all of my previous builds and I will be taking a look through all them posts and hopefully using your ideas in the build!

But thanks for the amazing ideas as always!

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Like the fact the first picture didn’t render as well as all the others, 21 rendering really does improve it all :laughing: