Hotels on roblox - Roblox hotels now dead?


Welcome to my documentary about how roblox hotels may now be dying.

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Hello cookie tech community,

I’ve seen a trend in a lot of people who start out on roblox development, they always seem to start off by making a hotel or café of some sorts, it’s never really made much sense to me, but now that I look back on it this is probably as there is a high amount of power involved, giving the user some type of power.

My story

This was the first project I ever made, it’s something I’m glad I did, it was a good learning group and it taught me the ropes of roblox studio, would I ever do something like this again, the short answer is no, but I’m going to at least let you learn of my mistakes.

The beginning

You’ve joined roblox a couple of months ago and you’ve really been enjoying the platform, you haven’t ever had any robux and you’ve always wanted to be the owner, the ones you see all the time, the ones that stand above 100’s of thousands of people.

This is why you decide, it’s time to make a change, it’s time to get started and create your own roblox group, now there are two major issues you’re going to encounter when starting your group:

  • Creating a group costs R$100

  • Finding staff

You start of by purchasing Premium & wait a couple of days (This was in the time of Builders Club), and voila, a couple of days later you press on that create group button. You fill out the details for the name of your soon to be group: “Happy Hotels & Resorts”, you fill out the message & everything from there is a race.

You start design on your hotel, working on every part of it, every chance you get you’re always adding something onto your hotel, adding rooms saving up and purchasing Check Mein, elevators, beaches, more rooms, more rooms, more rooms - Offices, mountains, staff rooms, check in.

Everything you can imagine.

Before you know it, your first version is done, you quickly rush and make a training centre, it only takes you a hour or so, it’s nothing crazy.

You head to your shout and post your first training message: “Training | Head down to our training centre, come join us!”. You wait & wait & wait. But nothing.

It’s been an hour and nobody has shown up, your thinking about what you could do & then your head snaps to it, “let’s head to other big groups walls and advertise”, you do it & it works, soon you have a loyal staff base working hard and making progress, your group is starting to grow & fast.

Eventually you reach 100 group members and people are playing your game hosting shifts & having fun. But your group has major issues that will come to haunt you not to far later on.

300 members - Going strong

Your group has been crushing member counts and it’s the only thing you do, every single day your working on it, releasing updates and you have a very loyal team, almost too loyal.

Your group is still in the early stages and your growing well.

500 members - Largest Update

Your hotel finally receives the discord communications server it’s been needing all this time. You also update your game and things are going strong.

999 members - Coming up to a year

Your so close to 1000 members, you’re getting ready for this big moment.

1000 members - Where it all goes down hill.

This is the largest achievement you’ve ever had, but it’s the best one you’ll ever experience again with this group.

Your group had an issue, it was an issue that was major, you didn’t have enough staff members, you had so many members just a very very small amount of players from the group were active, you couldn’t advertise your group on other group walls, it would just be an embarrassment for your group.

This is when you start to lose.

You feel you have to start putting money in for your group to thrive, your group keeps getting more and more dead.

All your loyal stuff climbed the ranks too fast and managed to get SHR so fast there was nothing worth working for. This is when there is nothing left.

1500 members - Everything has come to a screeching halt.

You want to keep your group alive, but you know it’s not possible anymore, the more you try, the more you lose, financially too, finally you lose all steam for the group and it heads into a spiral of death.

2000 members - Yay?

This is the largest achievement your group would ever hit, you host an event, lose some robux and just forget about your group.

A lot of your staff members quit, you make bad decisions, you felt that by banning staff you would lose activity, so even when people did bad things, you would just try to make everything seem okay, you never removed the root issues.

Soon one of your staff members would turn against you.

My group is being sold?

Don’t ever try to sell your group, it’s against TOS & it’s always an easy way to get scammed, somebody had been scheming against me, for “revenge” for letting people get things they wanted, revenge they did get, somebody once reached out to me claiming they wanted to the buy the group, for a LARGE sum too.

I was very excited and was very ready to go ahead and sell the group, the people had created a fake middleman (Somebody who makes sure you don’t get scammed) with fake vouches to trick me.

They had fake recordings everything, it was very elaborate and they went ahead & scammed me, I never got my group back until-

They had given it to one of their friends, I managed to make him give it back to me, but only after a bit of persuasion and 1000 robux down the drain, but I had my group back & the memories that we had with the group were important.

Moral of the story: Don’t sell groups.

This is the story of how I grew my first ever project and group: “Happy hotels & Resorts”, lost it and got it back.

Are we out of the hotel phase?

Many hotel games have just gone down and died out, some of the biggest hotel games have lost a high amount of players and it seems to be something people aren’t to interested in, only the games from the beginning are successfull & it’s honestly something that is in the past.

What I find interesting is cafe and army games and other game alike are doing well, except this just seems to be the end of the hotel era.

Only the old and early competitors seem to be doing well & if you try starting your own roblox hotel in this day and age your chances of succeeding without major funding is unlikely.

It’s something that’s hard to take in, but it may be the reality, it’s the same reason why a jailbreak game won’t succeed, why play your game over jailbreak?

Same concept: Why not play Bloxton over your hotel?

I’m not sure if we’ll ever be back to that hotel phase, but it was a fun phase and I enjoyed it a lot.

What are your views on this, do you think roblox hotels will ever be back or do you thing if you try starting your own roblox hotel game in 2022 you will have success?

I would love to hear your opinions!


I have accidentally violated ToS, I sold my very old group.

Yeh, don’t do that, risky move.

Mhm, got my first account terminated.