How could I improve this GUI?


I made this GUI and I would like some feedback on how I could improve it to make it look better.

Here is what I have made.


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nothing. that is so good. dont change it.

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As a UI designer, I could tell you a few helpful tips and tricks;

  • Try to find a good color scheme! For example, if you’re going for a modern-themed UI, I would suggest a grey, blue and white for your palette.

  • Keep the text more appealing, as that’s what matter most. Perhaps using some transparency on the image icons will do the trick.

  • Lastly, if you want to make the UI look much more professional, I would suggest using certain plugins that I use when making UI. Here’s a link to a drop shadow plugin, it allows you to create very smooth dropshadows on regular and curved frames with a value of 0.10.

Additionally, if you want to use some more icons, I highly recommend using flaticon’s icon catalog! You can search up a certain icon and flaticon will attempt to find one, after that you can download them as a .PNG. (recoloring is a signed up feature, though).

Overall, though, it’s pretty good! You have some good skills that can be improved easily. If you need help don’t hesitate to DM!


Alright thanks for the feedback I shall take the advice onboard and make some changes! :smile:


I would try maybe changing the opacity of the icons, especially as their under the text, otherwise, great UI! :grin:

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The colours are a bit harsh and need to be tuned down, it’s a bit hard on the eye, maybe try making the colours a bit more gentle, also the logos don’t copy consistently & something feels a bit off.