How did you find the Cookie Fourms?

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted.

How did you find out about the Cookie forums?


Well, @25swrld informed me about it and I decided to join, though I never thought I would use it … eventually, though, I started asking questions and stuff and using this site.

Cough Cough, this really hot handsome boy told me about it, I decided to join.


:rofl: Bahahaha. I’m totally sure!

One day while I was planning to give @cookie some nitro classic (back when I was trying to suck upto him) I saw an announcement on Happy Hotels (Cookies old hotel group, may it rest in peace) and well, I joined, I was lucky enough to be upon the first people that Joined Cookie Tech and following that I was able to help build up the community,

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Wait, I thought you made the Cookie Forums-

I did, it’s a joke lol.

I found it after seeing it on the Discord server.

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:man_facepalming: sarcasm* (incase ya didnt already get it)

Well, I was talking with @cookie after he released his forum. I joined and he was looking for a discord server designer.

I applied for a discord server designer, and then later on mod apps opened, and here we are now.

Well cookie, that really hot handsome boy would be me :flushed:

I believe you are mistaken.

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well thats a bit harsh

Lol. Jokes aside, this is certainly a very welcoming community and I’m proud to be apart of it. At the time I joined, only you and @25swrld were on the forums, it’s very amazing to see how much Cookie Tech has grew. :cookie: :+1:

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Sorry for bumping

I found the forums by cookies checkin system! My first post was about it.

I saw youtube and I found this.

I found it by the App Center, sadly I no longer user it, I moved to EasyRanks a day ago, just so I’m ready when my group cloud get big.

I was in some sort of ROBLOX scripting Discord and needed a ranking system anddd linked me one by cookie. Found the forums in the description and here I am’

got stuck on cmds and here we are

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