How do you make a Roblox GFX pfp?

Hey there!

I’ve been wondering how Roblox players make those cool GFX profile pics, and I want to know how to make them and what software to use so that I can use it as my Discord pfp.

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Try something like blender.

This is a 3D model tool which can help you render your 3d models and later edit them in other editing software.

Blender is completely free and comes with lot’s of different options.

Also, if you need any tutorials the web is full of helpful tutorials regarding this, the Cookie Tech YouTube Channel (Coming soon) may release a tutorial regarding this in the not too distant future.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I will try it out.

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one of my close friends has a tutorial on blender

Check him out!

I have no idea I am so sorry.

Hello. I have some experience on making GFX’s. You can use blender 2.79. It is super easy, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be Pro at making them. :grinning:


I suggest using something like PaintrigV3.

This is an add-on supplied by Blender for roblox GFX. I use it myself and it is very helpful for me and other GFX artists.

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Blender and photopea. I recommend you start with photopea! It’s really easy.

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Everyone’s suggestions here helped me become a very good GFX artist, thanks a lot for your support! It’s very much appreciated. :heart: