How much for Roblox buildng?

Hey everyone!

As I get closer to the release of Northdrift County (my roleplay game), I’m considering to hire a few builders to create new buildings for my game.

The only issue is, I don’t know how much I should be paying per building, which is why I’m asking you here.

Any opinions are appreciated! :heart:


So it would depend on the buildings you are looking for.
If you are looking for a building with an interior, I suggest paying around 150, if it’s a building with nothing on the inside, I suggest paying around 65!

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Hi! I don’t know if you’re talking about real cash or Robux, but I assume you meant Robux. (correct me if I’m wrong)

I do mean Robux, I don’t go for cash because I’d rather make all the robux up as the DevEx rate and DevEx more than what I began with.

It’s my fault for not saying it was Robux in the first place, sorry!

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Well, if it’s big things, builders might ask for around 5-10k. Depending on the details and experience.

You have high expectations for games though. People may want a simple hangout game or they are looking for someone who doesn’t have massive prices.

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