How much robux did you make overall?

I’m curious :>

I have made none or perhaps I made 2 robux from someone premium who once visited my game or something, but I haven’t made any.

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I did not make any yet. However, I made some builds and scripts for a friend which sent some robux to me even if I told him it’s no need. I do not have an exact number. We can consider that. Also 55 robux from a premium payout. (I never got the robux tbh, just the message in inbox).

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I’ve made 119 Robux from my games so far through Premium Payouts. The thing is, one of my games are not public yet :wink:

Lol! Same! I sometimes get 2-3 robux for someone who random joined…

Overall, I’ve made roughly 3,500 Robux from both UI and GFX commissions.

You won’t believe this, I’ve made over 10k from selling groups, assets, snd commissions. Yes!

Hey! This post is old,

But. I made around 13k from comissions

i made more than 30k over my time at roblox .-.

For my commissions, I have made 1m robux.

Thats just not believable.
coz im a bacon, but i hide my avatar.

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(Including the robux I bought, which isn’t a lot, most of it is from commissions) 100k (in the past year

I’ve had about 2,000 in commissions.

I didn’t have premium last year. Ignore that.

An update to this;

I’ve been putting great effort into UI tasks and assignments, and overall I’ve been given 15k+ Robux for UI. Expected to get double that amount soon, so all seems good currently. :+1:

Of course, at the same time, I’m investing almost half of it into my roleplay game.