How the pandemic helped Roblox's growth

Hi forum members,

In this topic, I will tell you how Roblox gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Very short and simple, but who knows, maybe you didnt know this before.

Roblox has been steadily gaining popularity back in 2006, when it was officially released to the public. However, in the early 2020s, the new virus (COVID-19), infected the world and forced everyone to go virtual. This led to lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarintines at home. So, more people found Roblox to be an alternative source for meeting others - but virtually. This is why Roblox’s population has surged up by over 50 million users since 2020.

Interesting, right? Do you think that Roblox would want to keep it this way, or do they want to go back to in-person events, thus decreasing the amount active users to some extent?

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