How to advertise your group, sponsor vs advertisement

So, everyone knows that on ROBLOX you van either sponsor your game where it will appear on the first page or advertise it with an advert.

What is the best sponsor or advertisement?

Thanks for feedback in advance.


I think advertisement because it is WAY cheaper instead of having to pay for every platform and everyone can see but mobile.


advertisement imo because its cheaper and more people see it, just dont clickbait it

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But more people click on sponsherships, I guess sponsherships are best for getting your game more players, and advertisement will work good for groups.


I agree with this^^^^^^

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Just today I decided to advertise my group (for 6 robux)… so far no click but 172 impressions. Could also be because ROBLOX is down at the time I’m posting this message.

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uhm yea 6 robux is gonna get like 0 clicks lol

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If you sponsor your not gonna waste too much robux but people barely ever look at the front page but if you advertise people are looking and searching for things all to time so they probably would see it but it costs up to like hundreds of thousands of robux. I bet you someone has actually spent 1M robux worth of ads just trying to get people to join. Maybe just advertise your game.

Big brain number 1:
You could already have a famous game and you make another one and you want other people to join the new game, you could advertise your new game in your famous game!!
Big brain number 2:
If you have a youtube channel and you have quite a lot of subscribers like cookie, you could just advertise your game there!
That big brain or what :wink:

I disagree: 20k Robux can get you around 200 players, I watched an flamingo video, that’s how I know…

I see where your coming from, however the game must have the objective of sharing the same target audience as the new game your advertising.

Ahh I see now. I guess it just depends on what the user wants to do.