How to create a touch part to auto rank system

Hey guys! I’m on track of making my auto trainer but the last part I need is making a part that when the player touches it, a bot ranks them to a specific rank. Do you guys have any ideas, tips, tricks or even how to do it? Responses are greatly appreciated.

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Hello & welcome to the cookie tech forums

You could use my ranking bot tutorial (old one) & use the api, alternatively, you could use rankguns api.

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I’m horrible at scripting, but someone scripted this for me but it no longer works due to Roblox blocking stuff. What should I change in this script?

local part = script.Parent
local config = {
	GroupId = 12403723; -- group id
	Role = '[SS-2] Basic Agent'; -- the role you want it to rank passers to
	Cookie = ''; -- Optional, but if you have multiple developers we can change this and make it easier to approach with more security
	Webhook = ''; -- The URL to the webhook
local debounce = false -- So people can't just spam firetouchinterest with Exploits
local http = game:GetService('HttpService')

	local plr = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(obj.Parent)
	if plr and not debounce then
		if plr:GetRoleInGroup(config.GroupId) == config.RankId then

			debounce = true
			local data = {
				['UserId'] = plr.UserId;
				['Role'] = config.Role;
				['Cookies'] = config.Cookie;
				['Group'] = config.GroupId
			data = http:JSONEncode(data)
			http:PostAsync('', data, Enum.HttpContentType.ApplicationJson, false, {
				['Authorization'] = config.Webhook
			debounce = false

	local plr = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
	if plr then
		--Put whatever you need to do in order to rank them here
		--plr:Kick("You have been ranked")

Alright, what’s the issue and what’s not working?

Alright basically what happens is that when a player touches that part with that script in it, it ranks them to a specific rank (in this case its [SS-2] Basic Agent). As I am using RankGun how do I customize the script for it to work?

Does the script already work now?

It used to work before but not anymore (this is an old system)

Alright, what part doesn’t work?

Basically the entire thing. I think the script must be re done to updated roblox standards.

Alright, well your going to have to debug it get an error or have a specific part that you don’t understand, scripting support is not for spoon feeding.

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