How to get inspired for builds

Recently. I’ve been working on my story game it requires a lot of low-poly coding.

My question is: How do you get inspiration for your builds? How do you keep your builds non bland and exciting.

I would recommend searching for buildings in real life and sketching out a low-poly version of it. Once finalized, turn it into something like a blueprint, import that into Studio, and build on it.

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I like to use YouTube and Google. I also like to use inspiration from other games and get ideas, then make them!
Also sometimes I take inspiration from toolbox models but I dont actually use them.


Think of the robux you could get and a lot of people recognising you when you join games.
Or there’s a plugin called ‘Words of encouragement’

I already have that plugin installed, however my goal of a game is not having people get me robux but actually having fun in the game, thank you for your input though.

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I think it’s best to go into other people’s games and take some inspiration from there. I have been into many games before and seen something I like and wondered if I could create that.

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