How to get the active discord developer bot

Here is how you can get the active discord developer product, first make sure you have an active discord bot that people use, it must be an online bot and people must actively be using the bot.

To claim it head to Discord Developer Portal — Active Developer Badge, then you can select an application and a couple of other options, I used the RankGun bot, however here is an example of NoTextToSpeech using it!

Click “claim” and you will receive the badge!



Thanks for the turorial!

This will be a nice collection to add for bot developers … I have an old bot application on Discord, but how do I get it to stay online thus making it an active bot?

You’ll have to host it on a server, personally I recommend AWS.


Nice little update from Discord. I have noticed they are adding new updates to their platform, such as their new profile views, the new UI design, and now this. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the future.