How to grow our user count and post count?

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Iโ€™m interested, how do you think we can improve our user activity and user sign ups?

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Would you like a open source category?

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  • No

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So far โ€œYesโ€ is winning the vote :+1:


We could improve this by doing something within the discord server for we can advertise that, and get people to join the forums, bump up the user count and the views for the page.

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Or just make great contributions (good posts, replies etc.) and then we get noticed for our professionalism and friendliness

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We could of course advertise, we could also try different ways of attracting users, such as having specific categories that are limited on what you can do until you begin an account and everything on the forums.


Seems a bit like Roblox Devforum.

One example is that you need to become a Regular before you can file a bug report (Understandable, as there would be kids saying there โ€œWhY dOeS mY pHoNe LaG?!?!?!โ€ if it was unrestricted)