How to grow your YouTube Channel in 2023

:warning: This tutorial is intended for beginners.

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Don’t give up :muscle:

Starting on YouTube can be the hardest part of starting your YouTube channel. For example:

  • Creating Videos will take a long time.
  • Your videos may receive no traction.
  • The learning curve may be difficult.

But make sure you don’t give up, along with this guide there are multiple sources out there that will help you your channel to its max capabilities. :partying_face:

Most people quit before they even see any traction, don’t be one of these people, to do well in a project you should have a good drive.

Set Up :bar_chart:

Before anything, you must have your channel in the most optimal setup. :building_construction:

Make sure that you have everything in your YouTube Studio to be customized in the YouTube Studio Customization tab.

Make sure you have all of this branding tab filled with images, this makes sure everybody knows who you are and it makes you unique compared to everybody else. Adding on to this, make sure you’re creative and make something that stands out.

Make sure you let people know what your tutorial is about.

Then head to Basic Info & add all the useful & crucial info, this is where you can explain what your channel is about, if you scroll down you can also add links and more.

Also, make sure your YouTube account is phone number verified. :iphone:

This gives you access to all features offered by YouTube.

Research :mag:

Make sure you research before your start posting, in your research check for the following:

  • Is my content interesting?
  • Would people want to watch my content?
  • Will people find this through YouTube?

This research will also allow you to connect & learn with your viewers, as you will have more knowledge about your audience and what their needs are. This means when you go and make your video you will know exactly who you are speaking to.

A great place to start research is YouTube.

Interact :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

In the first 24-48 hours of your video being out you need to engage with your audience as much as possible. Make sure you prioritise your real audience (the people interested in your content), a great way to do this is to promote your social media.

Make sure to get your audience to leave comments and then engage with them in the comments. Another good way to get engagement with your viewers is to have a live stream. :camera:

Good Thumbnails :art:

Good thumbnails are essential, the first thing a viewer will see of your video is a thumbnail. If your thumbnail is terrible there is no way they will want to watch your video.

Use bright colours, and big bold text and make something grab your viewers, the best thumbnail is a thumbnail where somebody knows exactly what the video is about without reading anything.

Editing your videos :desktop_computer:

Editing your videos properly is a crucial part of retaining your audience and creating proper content. While editing may seem difficult to master, it really is’nt. You can get started by practicing editing your videos using free video editors however my personal favorite video editor for beginners is Filmora X. Filmora provides a very simple UI for new users to get started.

It is also a cheaper alternative to more professional video editing software(s) such as Adobe premiere pro or Vegas pro. Filmora is also free for users to get started however there is a watermark that can be removed by getting their professional version There are hundreds of editors out there but I believe that if you’re just getting started with editing your youtube videos you should check out Filmora.

If you feel like you’re ready for more advanced software then Vegas pro is the way to go :wink: .

Keep Viewers :eye:

Your viewers must be interested in your video, they must click on your video & stay, if they leave too quickly youtube may stop promoting your content. Hooks your viewers as fast as you can. Make your video as fast as you can.

Improve yourself :person_curly_hair:

Always look back on yourself and see what you can improve.

Self-reflection and self-evaluation are important steps in personal growth and development. It is essential to take time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you can improve.

Thanks for reading! :orangutan:

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it took a while to write and I hope it does help you on your YouTube journey.

Thanks for reading! :wave: