How to make a Team Overhead

As you can see the nametag has my team above my head.

But, the question is how do I do this myself? I am wondering if anyone knows as I would love to use this!

This would be simple: there are two ways.

You can use a table, of ranks and their titles, which would be the efficient way.
Or, you could use a lot of “elseif”, which would be the easier way.

I’d love this too! I hope you can get this.

I’ll help soon, I currently cannot.

On your nametag script, do something like this:

local titles = {
    ["YOUR_TITLE_HERE"] = {12,15--[[replace 12 with your min rank and 15 with your max rank]]},

Then, below, where you add your nametag, run this:

for title,ranks in next,titles do
    if player:GetRankInGroup(groupID) > ranks[1] and player:GetRankInGroup(groupID--[[replace groupID with your group id]]) < ranks[2] then
        nametag.Title.Text --[[replace this with your nametag textlabel.]] = title    

That should work, if you edit it properly.

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