I am wondering, how did you find Roblox?

I am wondering,
how did you find Roblox?


I found Roblox when one of my classmates told me about a platform where you could
play millions of games! So we then looked it up and downloaded the game.
We both made accounts and started playing the games!
And to this day, I still really enjoy it! I would love to hear your thoughts about this.
And how you found Roblox. Then I further found out
about Studio, and then started to make games.


Please tell me in the replies!
I am curious to know how you found Roblox!
Thank you for taking the time to read this! <3

Uhhh! I honestly don’t know!! I suppose it just appeard at my pc while looking for games a a child and I played. But What I do remember is when I registered, The old theme park background… Does any of you remember this?

OMG YES! Good old times!

Thanks for replying! :DD

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ISTG you are saying FACTS!

One day, I saw a cousin of mine playing Roblox. I was curious and asked about it, and then when I got back home I decided to try it out.

P.S. My first ever Roblox account is “twinkle_twenty,” I did not like the user name so I made a new one a day later, OH_202020.

I found it off of watching roblox youtubers.

Great reply! Thanks for sharing! ^^

One of my younger cousins was playing it, and they wanted me to join in,

I’m not sure if they still play.

I watched Albertsstuff with my sister.

She played Roblox, too because she watched Albertsstuff.

So, I joined with her!