I just got Roblox Beta VoiceChat

Hiya everyone!

(I’ll be making a video on this soon)

But I just got access to the early-beta roblox chat.


This is the game where I will be testing:

Roblox Community Space - Roblox

Some pictures:

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Awesome! Looking forward to the video!

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It was kinda dissapoiniting, people trolling spamming, playing loud copyright music.

This is the best clip I could get.

When you find mature people it’s fun.

This is the best clip, a group of people talking and having a good time:

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That’s cool! I wish I had Roblox voice chat.

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Wow so cool… I really want that!

So nice! CONGRATS! Can’t wait to be released to everyone!!

OMG yes! I want to talk with my beautiful voice and enjoy! It will be so cool!

Now that Roblox Voice Chat is out, I don’t really like it now, I’m being honest, it’s just a bit of a failure, lot’s of racism and toxicity.

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