I need a builder for my game please

Hello guys my name is jay and im a upcoming cafe game and im trying to have a builder build me a cafe the price can be 2100 or 2300 my roblox username is (ddacuf4k2362) and my discord is (sayhii#7272)

For what you are looking for, 5000 robux is a minimum. Your asking someone to build your game for you, it’s a bit more that 2300 robux. Some even would consider 5000 to be low for this kind of project. I’m just saying that the compensation for your time is too low.

hmmmmm 4700???

Don’n go lower that 5000, start at 6500 or I don’t think anyone will take it

ok ok ill see if i can

I can do it for approximately 2000. But it would be once off. If you accept please state your preferences for the cafe eg. Color type stuff like that