If you could own one game, what would you do with it?

Let’s say for 1 day you had the chance to own an entire game, any game from roblox of your choice, you can do anything, you can get all the money, or change anything that you want.

What are you doing?

Okay, so this is a bit evil, I wouldn’t actually do this, but it would be really funny if I got adopt me, took all the money and then just crash 50k players, I would love to see Twitter burn.

Brookhaven to delete it :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if at this point Brookhaven is just made of free models or it’s something really quality, I think the reason most kids play it is as it’s good for roleplaying.

I would own Pet Sim X, and ik this is evil but I would kick everyone and delete the game.

Look like we have a lot of targeted attacks here.

British Army or Doors.


I’d own Pet Simulator X and improve on it … and make that a good source of income to create more games for Roblox!

I actually wonder what actually is the richest group on roblox.

Most likely big games

What would you do with Big Games?

Oh I was meaning to reply to cookie on that question.


I would own Bloxburg, mostly just to steal the scripts, but also give myself unlimited money(back door?)

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