I'm an advanced scripter for hire

5 months of experience.

can we see some of ur work?

Sure, I’ll send a photo in a bit.

Same here, I would like to see some work you have done.

Kk my bad forgot bout this one

Get me ur duscord okay?

Sorry my sis when onto my keyboard and typed something rlly rude

Can you send the photos of your work here please?

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Same over here. *says hello from a far distance

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Kk I’ll send it rn (random text


that’s one, sending next

here’s another one that’s work-in-progress

and there’s much more if u want more proof

the pictures arent sending…

He accidently posted the wrong link, so he had to delete them, I am sure he will re-post them later.

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He now knows about the upload file button.