I'm located in Asia, how do I make the ranking bot work?

Im in asia. so i change to asia?

Is that my only problem? is there any other problems with the script?

Don’t use a VPN, it invalidates your cookie(s).

(20 charssssss)

Not necessarily true.

The issue is that your in Asia and you set the server to Europe.

@AviaSky Had the exact same issue as you, they are located in Asia, read more here I made a cookie for her, but she ended up purchasing RankGun Elite.


Ask somebody who is in one of the continents (who you trust) supported by heroku (Europe, USA) then ask them to generate a cookei for you.

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  • Please change your API key, you leaked it in the logs. :slight_smile:

Can you make me a bot with cookie please?

ok dokie i will so is the script ok? its just the continent i need to change

there i changed the api key

You’ll need to get a VPN and go to the location of your heroku server, keep in mind then you can’t login to the bot.

can you make the bot for me??

I am based on USA reigion

Also, the rank gun elite i checked their website can the free usage make rank commands?

Unfortunately, if I agree to this then everybody who is not in Europe or America will ask for me to create a bot, you should be able to find a suitable VPN though!

The elite can do chat commands

it also says free (20 carrss)

The free can also do chat commands, but if you’re group is too big eventually free tier wont be feasible.

ah ok i am going to try fixing me promote demote commands if it does not work the ill use rank gun eleite do you have any vpn for apple?

so is the chat commands like rank commands?