Is AI going to take over our jobs?

I have a question for you, with the recent popularity burst of GPT, the AI text system which responds/answers & creates anything based of text inputs. Do you think in the future AI will take over jobs and which jobs will AI take over?

Please do share, many are concerned they will lose their jobs, or there is no point learning a specific skill because AI will soon be able to do it?

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As much as AI is amazing in so many ways, I’m sure humans will still be needed to complete and review tasks done by AI. Technology is always develeoping and it’s never perfect. AI can never match or surpass the capabilities of the human mind because our species is special like no other.

So, I’d say it’s really possible that AI can replace jobs and become a huge benifit for companies … employing smart AI who work for free (or nearly free) sounds great! But again, humans will always be needed as we cannot always, or fully, rely on AI to do our jobs (such as being a police officer, firefighter, even a judge because we don’t know how AI will judge people)

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