Is AlvinBlox a good scripting teacher?

I want to learn to script, not specific things but learn LUA

Is AlvinBlox a good source? Or does his teachings outdate themselves quickly?

Some of it is outdated yes,

He made a custom chat tutorial 5 years ago and forgot that new chat filtering update required custom chat or places where people can communicate through text to be filtered. Most people took the guide and got their games moderated after a month or two

Ah, okay. Thanks, I tried some of his scripts and he’s not specifying the variables, but inserting it through the workspace, which I think using variables is much easier then

workspace.Part.Transparency = 1

Would this work instead?

local.Part = workspace.Part

Part.Transparency = 1

I wrote the last one myself.

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Yup. Just make sure ‘Workspace’ isn’t in capitals (make it workspace) as the capital one was deprecated.)

Nice! Thanks! I just wrote my first script!

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Alvinblox 100% is a good teacher, he teaches you how to make things, while explaining the code.