Is anybody else having issues in studio?

Hi, I’m curious!

In roblox I cant upload my game.

“It just says failed to publish. Please try again later.”.

Our of curiosity, does anybody else have that issue when trying to publish games to studio?

Thanks for helping me out,

@Noah :cookie:


Check the status or check all plug ins to make sure they don’t cause any harm to you studio.

I found out what it was, turned out I accidently wasn’t logged in to roblox.

All my plugins are safe too. Most of them are payed. Plugins shouldn’t affect uploading to roblox though

This could be because of the Roblox outage. They only went online since yesterday afternoon so it’s possible Studio will have a few issues for a little bit.

I don’t normally have that issue.

I said this earlier on…

Not happens To me! I’m able to publish.

Oh!! Lol. This happened also To me before lol!

Please stop making unnecessary posts, I said I know what happened.