Is it just me, or does group recruiting plaza not load at all?

Whenever I try joining this game, it gets stuck on the loading screen.

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I’m investigating right now,

it currently has 60 current players, so I doubt its a large issue.

I managed to get in.

I can’t get it, either.

I have a good computer too, interesting.

Maybe the servers can’t handle the large amount of players?

The developers could have enabled “Reserved Slots” through the game settings, that way the game will attempt to reserve slots for friends.

Just a few days ago, I heard that the game gets ODSM attacked a lot.

Hold up … an ODSM attack? Never heard of that before, especially on the Roblox platoform. Isn’t that something related to Oracle?

I’ll send you a photo

MY BAD, LOL! I meant a ddos attack

Ah, that makes sense … a DDoS attack. But then how are some people still in the servers … ?

They could be the people doing the ddos attack

I don’t see how 80 people would be DDoSing a plaza game, but possible …

In my opinion, I don’t believe this was the reason, if the “game” was experiencing a DDOS, Roblox would essentially be taking the attacks, however serious DDoS attacks are very uncommon, further, DDoS attacks are illicit, Roblox wouldn’t let a severe attack like that slide, a DDoS attack is unlikely the root cause of the issue.