Is roblox advertising premium now?

Hey cookie tech community,

I was recently looking through roblox when I noticed no normal ads, I keep getting premium ads:

This is super strange as I already have roblox premium, also I’m getting no other ads, simply roblox ads? Is this a bug or does anybody else experience different behaviour?

We’ve seen a ton of things changing with roblox premium in the past, especially with roblox premium in specific, with premium members losing and gaining features, I wonder if roblox isn’t receiving enough sales and are trying to quickly advertise premium.

I see no other ads EXCEPT these ads, they all link to the official premium page and they aren’t scams.

Does anybody else have similar or opposite strange behaviour?

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Maybe because roblox have got tired of banning to many people who use inappropriate or something ads and they want to advertise premium? It might get them more money too.

But what about other ads, I can’t see any other ads?

I meant the old ones.

I see it too even though I have premium?

Is it the only ad you’re seing?

It seems roblox ads are down:

Hopefully they refund everybody who ran ads at the time.


(sorry for posting it on imgur, it wouldn’t let me paste a snipping tool picture :sob:)

I’m not sure if this is ROBLOX themselves posting these ads, it could be one of those users who post random ad templates, to check that head over to “Report” and check the username. If it is ROBLOX who posted the ad, then they are likely advertising premium for some reason.

I guess this is their “pre-set” ad, in case things do break.

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I’m already subscribed roblox :expressionless:

Roblox still seems to have the issue - A long outage…

This issue has been ongoing for 17 hours, it now seems to effects other actions:



We can also see group requests going up:

What server is that?

I am interested to join the cookie discord

I would say that server is amazing.

I was just on the roblox website and got some normal ads again.