Is roblox going to end the roblox website?

Hello everybody,

As all of you may know, as you use roblox, roblox is now forced a message to all users to download the roblox app, now open to Windows & Apple users.

Also when you try to close the roblox app you can see funny popups, some at first though they were hacked, but it turns out that wasn’t the case.

This kind of sucks as roblox may remove the page and change it a lot, if you’re worried about what’s happening to the Create - Roblox page it’s moved to, don’t be surprised if you can’t access Create - Roblox as it could be removed in the not to distant future.

Closing a roblox game also forces you to “return to the roblox app”, what are you views on this? Opening Roblox doesn’t redirect you back to the website, so this may be a permanent change we could see in the future.

What are your views on this, bad or good?

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I’ve also heard this is ruining recording setups for YouTubers.

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This is pretty interesting … does that mean the Roblox Player will no longer be a thing? I have scrolling issues within the Roblox App on Windows (I rarely play Roblox on computer due to supreme lag) so I always use the Roblox Player to fix that.

That’s a good idea, I’m not quite sure if they’ll discontinue that too.

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I hope they don’t remove the website. It is easier to use the website anyways.

I think they’re trying to get everybody onto a sort of app so that they can quickly roll out updates for all devices.

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Yeah. I’m also going to disable it.

I doubt they’ll remove the website, it’s almost necessary for development on Roblox. And, if they remove the website, how will people even get to know the platform exists in the first place?

Let’s say I wanted to get an AssetID of an image, or view a plugin, the only way to do that with few steps involved would be to open it up in your web browser and copy the ID from the search bar, I don’t know any other possible way to get an ID in this case without a browser.

Additionally, if they remove their website, that would only cause harm and chaos for the community.