Is taking a scripting class worth it?

is taking coding class in high school good where you learn how to script stuff

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Well, usually it’s best to start that around that time, since these are one of the times where the human mind is still developing and you tend to remember and learn things with ease. However, keep in mind coding and scripting are two very different things.

Coding is a skill that allows us to create all kinds of computer software, mobile apps, and websites for scratch. scripting is a type of coding that allows you to make a program do something.

With scripting, you can control other programs that aren’t actually yours.

Most people will understand what you mean if you just say coding, but yeh. The thing is, a course in high school won’t specifically help with roblox, it might help introduce you to scripting, it might be useful to try become self-taught. Also in high-school, you may also be set which may not challenge you enough.

Also, I feel that in school my general mood is just lower, it’s best to try and learn from home in my opinion, you can always find professionals that will be willing to help, it’s also good try learning how to do it yourself.

But keep in mind, if you want to become a developer specifically NOT on roblox, taking courses will be good.

I’m currently doing “Computer Science” GCSE (basically a “mini-degree”) but this is as I want to take on a career in coding, which has nothing to do with roblox.

So always keep in mind what use case your learning for.

Apart from that I would say go out there and start learning.

Top Tips:

  • Don’t copy and paste code without understanding the code.

  • Learn how to code, don’t learn how to make things.

  • Understand you can’t learn how to code in a week, it will take commitment.

  • Keep on trying, if you have issues with your code always try to solve it before coming to Scripting Support.

Happy learning,

@Noah :cookie:

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Your missing another top tip there Cookie, once learned from the master himself, you.

You should always learn what the piece of code means, by this I mean that you should learn what functions are, what variables are so you know when they are needed within the code. I am not some big scripter myself, but I am however still learning along the way to hopefully soon script for some big groups or learn to script some fun things within my games!


Yes, it definitely is.

If you genuinely want to learn how to code but Don’t feel too motivated or you just feel lazy this will motivate you to do it. (Mainly cuz you’ll be forced and loose marks if you don’t)

Also its a great introduction to programming in general. Personally, I didn’t take any highschool courses but I’m taking a C++ course from NYU and I’m lovin it!

Learning just one programming language opens doors to literally every, other, language. You should really consider trying this if you have the opportunity! This can help you get a job in the future

Best of luck on whatever you decide :wink:

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