Is this game idea still relevant?

Hey everyone,

(It’s been a while, I’m so happy to have finally gotten my account back!)

Do you remember roleplay games centered around hospitals but around a group, and a rank system ? For exemple, “Central Hospital” (They shutdowned I think)

Well me and a friend wanted to recreate a roleplay community like this, we already have one but it is based in a Mapple Hospital roleplay server. I have already made some assets, basic meshes, and an outline for our map.

I would like to know if making this sort of game is (in your opinion) still relevant.


Hm, if you are thinking of buying a. Group and starting a role-play community; think of something catchy and unique.

For example;

  • Adventure Park
  • Cinema
  • Football Club

You could do a hospital, but they are kind of ‘over-genuine’, if you know what I mean.

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I know Seattle Grace Hospital exists and it goes quite in-depth. My older brother checked it out before, but left later on due to the enormous amount of pings in their Discord server! :sweat:

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