Is this the end of modeling commisions?

Hi developers,

I just saw this rule on the ROBLOX ToS website, and this is a bit absurd. Last updated, today.

The very bottom. "Innapropriote use of the group payout system, including offering payment in Robux for modeling assets, joining groups, referring members, or role-playing experiences.

Does this literally mean that this is the end of modelling commisions? Or do you think this was a mistake by Roblox?

This makes no sense. Roblox has literally made the TALENT HUB. Where people can SELL products/services for robux. I don’t see how that makes sense.

I think they meant something different and it just is misleading.

That’s what I would have thought.

Are you sure the updated that today?

It says right below it, last updated October 5th, 2021 (which is now yesterday)

Also I don’t get the part about “role-playing experiences,” will this affect my roleplay game in some way?

I believe it means you cannot pay people to roleplay.

With further notice and investigation- this is what I believe.

Whyyy this literally ruins haf my roleplay game :((

There are more issues, kreekcraft made videos on it. It says that kreecraft may be banned. It’s quite controversial

Means we can’t do activity comps for Robux anymore. May have to do it for nitro or other stuff

I think one thing might be that you can pay developers and it was simply misread, however im unsure of that.

Now they prohibit natural disaster games from Roblox … :confused:

The only way you can pay developers now is with PayPal or something because Roblox has no control over third-parties like that, but not many can do that.

Now that’s just stupid. Roblox had gotten worse and worse over time including them changing games to experiences. Now their disallowing natural disaster games, and not allowing people to pay their developers in robux. Roblox is truly getting annoying and just really going to lose the majority of players- especially now, when school is starting up again.

True … quite a lot of people make those kind of games, now Roblox is basically destroying thier effort.

I didn’t care much about “experiences”. However the other things just proves roblox is acting like any over company, money thirsty as heck.

This video is more on depth with the situation:

These rules bruh … they just make Roblox so much worse. It appears (based on google search) that the majority of the Roblox community do not like these new rules at all.

Another update from roblox: